Planning to buy over-ear headphones for working out? We’ve got you covered. Find out what features to look for. Plus the list of our favorite headphones!

More and more people are getting into a healthy lifestyle. This means eating good food, working out, and taking care of one’s self in general. If you’re one who enjoys vibing to music while working out, then a good pair of headphones is essential.

Of course, the best over-ear headphones have their own unique qualities and features. We’ll list down and review different headphones and their specs to help you decide which one’s the right fit for you.

What to Look for in Over-Ear Headphones

Before we get into the best over-ear headphones for working out, let’s enumerate the things to consider before you buy.

Fit and Comfort

It’s important to consider the proper fit of the headphones because this translates to better audio quality. Since there are no ear tips that you can swap out if the fit isn’t quite right, most over-ear headphones allow tension adjustment in the headband.

Fit will play a big role since you don’t want your earphones to be thrown off while you’re doing your exercises or activities. In addition, they should be comfortable and not cause any aches or pains when worn for long durations.


While hitting the gym, being covered in sweat is inevitable. Your headphones need to be durable and water-resistant. Find a pair with a good IP rating, which refers to resistance to water and dust. You don’t want your headphones to stop functioning in the middle of your exercise routine.

Quick Charging and Long Battery Life

When working out, the efficiency of your headphones matters. Some people work out for an hour or two, while others spend a longer time in the gym. Your earphones should likewise be able to keep up with your needs.

It’ll annoy you if you need to charge your over-ear headphones too often.


With a lot of people in the gym, there are times when it gets too noisy that you can’t hear the music you’re listening to. If that’s the case, what you need are headphones that offer a noise-canceling feature. It removes the ambient noise, allowing you to focus on your workout session, be one with your music, and simply be in the zone.


If you’re working out or doing any other strenuous activity, you don’t want any added weight to bear. Opt for lightweight over-ear headphones so you won’t be fatigued easily.

Sound Quality

This is undeniably one of the most important things to observe and keep track of when buying over-ear headphones. You want good-sounding music that can lighten up your mood and help boost your energy levels.

Top 9 Best Over-Ear Headphones for Working Out

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Now we have an idea of the things to look for in over-ear headphones, let’s list down the best ones in this section.

Jabra Elite 85h

These noise-canceling over-ear headphones are very comfortable and can be customized. They have an attractive and sleek design that comes in a shiny black color. If you’re working out, you won’t be irritated or distracted by outside noises since you can’t hear them at all.

If you receive a call while you’re on a treadmill, for instance, you won’t have to stop since the sound quality in these headphones is outstanding. It has 8 microphones which surely makes its voice quality the best.

Its large ear cups are padded, so you’re sure that they won’t cause any strain in your ear. The controls of the headphones can be found on the exterior of the ear cups. There will be three buttons – one for play or pause, and two others for skipping tracks and controlling the volume. They’re water-resistant and have nano-coating.

If you take off your headphones, the smart sensors will automatically detect your movement, pausing the music. This device can connect to Bluetooth 5.0 easily, and it has a reliable battery that can last up to 40 hours. You won’t have to worry about bringing your charger all the time since your headphones can last for days.

Sennheiser PXC 550

This pair of headphones is ergonomically designed and very lightweight. It was specifically developed for enjoying long workout sessions while listening to good music at the same time. They’re also very easy to travel with since they only weigh about 8 ounces. It will really seem like you can’t take these headphones off your ears.

It has impressive sound quality and adaptive noise cancellation. One of the best features of the Sennheiser PXC 550 is the big ear cups that give more room for adjustment.

It has well-placed buttons and fine voice control. Its battery life can last you up to 30 hours. These headphones also support a 3.5 MM headphone jack and can be tethered via Bluetooth. What’s best is you can get all these features at a reasonable price.

Treblab Z2

Treblab Z2 contains all the essential features you’ll need in over-ear headphones for working out. You’ll totally be isolated from the noise of the outside world with its active noise cancellation.

Its sleek overall design is also marvelous, plus it only weighs 8.4 ounces which makes it very portable. The quality of the audio is flawless, and it also delivers one of the longest battery life you can find in Bluetooth earphones, lasting up to 35 hours.

Another amazing thing about Treblab Z2 is it’s sweat-resistant. Couple that with the soft, comfy pads, it’s really ideal for people who spend a lot of time in the gym.

Razer Opus

Opus is a brand popular for delivering high-quality products for a long time now. These THX-certified headphones will definitely give you optimum performance.

It also has a great design with its leatherette cups. In addition, its headband has a metal strip to ensure it won’t slip when you’re exercising. Active noise cancellation (ANC) will allow you to fully enjoy the music as you work out since it does a very good job at filtering out the background noise.

Depending on how you use it, it can provide up to 32 hours of battery life, meaning you won’t have to recharge it often. It’s a dependable and reliable device.

JLab Audio Flex

This item has a tension headband and is very lightweight, making it a good choice for prolonged exercise. You won’t have to worry about sweat affecting your headphones or the sound quality since JLab Audio Flex is sweat-resistant.

When used for a long time, many headphones may smell bad or feel icky because of sweat. Well, the good news is for these headphones, both the headband and ear pads are washable. You’ll get them looking and smelling good in no time.

This device utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 and can last up to 20 hours.

Cowin E7

This is one of the more affordable over-ear headphones that still have impressive specs. Its noise cancellation feature works quite well. It has outstanding sound quality, too, perfect if you’re into deep bass.

It has a built-in microphone, so you don’t have to stop working out when you receive a call. Cowin E7 is also padded, making it very comfortable to wear for long workouts.

It has a battery capacity of 600 mAh which can be sufficient for up to 30 hours of listening to music. Another great thing about this is the company provides an 18-month of warranty.

Bose Soundlink II

Bose is another well-known and trusted brand when it comes to headphones. Bose Soundlink II is cost-efficient but has premium sound quality, among other remarkable specs.

The control buttons are accessible since they are just on top of the ear cups. These headphones are lightweight and can also be used by children. High-definition calls are possible with its latest technology.

Bluetooth tethering is available with this device, but it can also be connected via wires. Bose Soundlink II is a popular choice among gamers.

Plantronics Backbeat Go 600

This pair of headphones is comfortable and lightweight, plus it’s also very water-resistant, so it’s a good companion even in the toughest gym workout sessions.

It has Bluetooth multipoint support, which allows you to connect two devices to the headset simultaneously. It remembers up to eight devices for fast and smooth switching.

In one charging, the battery can last you 27 hours. When it dies, plugging it in for only 15 minutes will give you 6 hours of playback. Pretty amazing, right?

Beats Studio 3

Beats is another famous headphone brand. Beats Studio 3 is sweat and water-resistant. This product has a matte design which makes it less likely to slip when you’re running, jogging, or jumping around.

It has active noise cancellation to reduce distracting external noise effectively. The sound quality is excellent for such a low price. It has an overall ergonomic design and soft, comfortable ear pads. For the battery, it will only take a few minutes of charging for it to last up to 22 hours.

Lastly, it has a greater Bluetooth range than most over-ear headphones and is compatible with most iOs and Android devices.