It’s trendy nowadays to have an eye-catching computer room, whether it’s for gaming, a home office, for a student, etc. Now, more than ever, many people are working or cooped up in their own homes. Who wouldn’t want to have a room that’s pretty and functional, right?

There’s no denying the fact that computers are vital to have in every home. So, no matter where you want to incorporate and install your computers, we’ve got all the best ideas for you. 

In this article, we’ll go over some renovation ideas for your computer gaming room. We’ll also list down what products you’ll need to have and what things you need to consider. 

A dim lit gaming setup
A dim lit gaming setup

Computer Room Essentials

Now, let’s down get to the key elements of your computer room.

1. PC Gaming Desk

A gaming desk is a very important part of your gaming setup. Its size will depend on the available space in your room. Choose a desk with a broad, flat top that can accommodate your monitor, keyboard, speakers, and other devices. 

It’s also practical to have a table with drawers or shelves to store accessories such as controllers and cables. You can opt for a simple rectangular gaming desk or an L-shaped one. 

Before buying, ensure that it has the right height so you can comfortably fit your legs under it.

2. Gaming Monitor

A good PC setup must have a top-quality monitor. Place it at about eye level, so you won’t suffer from a strained neck. You can place the monitor on the desk or mount it on a wall. If it’s wall-mounted, it’s best if it’s an adjustable one. 

If you find a regular PC monitor too small, you can use a projector so you can enjoy your game on a larger display screen. You can also use a streamlined LED television.


3. Wire and Cable Installation

Cabling setup installation
Cabling setup installation

One of the main problems in gaming setups is the profusion of wires. No one wants to see wires all tangled up and disorganized. You can install them on the wall or under the carpet for a neat look.

4. Gaming Chair

Comfort is crucial when playing games since you’ll be sitting for hours on end. A snug chair you can recline or swivel around should be a priority. Check if it has good lumbar support to prevent back problems. 

Of course, your personal preference matters. You’re free to get the color, style, or shape you like. You can also choose one that matches the theme of your game room.

Keep the height of the chair within eye level of your monitor or monitors for relaxed and awesome gameplay.

5. LED Lighting

Lighting is a fundamental component of every computer game room. The room needs to be bright, but dramatic mood lighting will make your space a sight to see. 

Customizable, neon LED signs are all the rage nowadays. Having them in your computer gaming room will be nice as well. 

LED strip lighting placed on the walls and ceilings will add a unique vibe to your game room. It can even be controlled via a remote or an app on your phone. You can change the color or make it brighter or darker, depending on your preference.

6. Gaming Accessories

Ensure that your mouse and keyboard have proper traction by placing a pad beneath them. If you have speakers, install or place them on the table properly to optimize their sound.

As it should be, everything must always be kept in order. For seldom-used gadgets and messy wires, there are a lot of cable organizers and boxes you can buy online or in physical stores to keep them organized. 

7. Soundproofing

We all know that sound effects can boost the spirit of a player. They bring more intensity into the game. But, there are times when it gets too loud, and not everybody wants to wear headphones or earphones. 

To conceal the noise, you can soundproof your computer gaming room. You can utilize insulated foam or drywall to muffle the volume. You can also use thick drapes, carpets, and acoustic panels so as not to bother your housemates.

8. Wifi

Arguably, the most critical thing in your game room is the internet connection. In the first place, how can you play games when you’re not connected to the internet?

Choose a server or a network that’s trusted and stable to prevent any problems while you play. No one wants disrupted or slow-buffering gameplay.

Design Options

Now that we’re done enumerating what you need to have in your game room, let’s check out some design ideas for inspiration.

Extensive monitors and sound system
Extensive monitors and sound system

1. Small Gamer Bedroom

If you don’t have a whole room to spare for your hobby, then you can turn your bedroom into a gaming room. Regardless of what little space you have, you can choose devices that suit your taste and fit in the available space. For example, you can mount a monitor on the wall so it won’t take up too much room. 

2. Immersive Game Room

If you have a dedicated recreation room, then you can go all the way with huge screens, multiple monitors, and a surround sound system. Lights that can be controlled to suit your mood and vibe will also be awesome for this kind of room. You can also choose a wallpaper that pays tribute to your favorite game.

3. Gaming Arcade Setup

A video gaming area that looks like an arcade can be built into a small room. Just make sure you have space for all the equipment. 

4. Luxury Video Game Room

If you have some money to spend, why not spend it on something you love to do, right? Build your own luxury game room, put some classic arcade machines in it, maybe install a minibar, and enjoy it with friends. 

5. Home Office Plus Game Setup

After work, you can convert your home office to a gaming area. You can have multiple monitors or settle with just one – it’s up to you. You can put some game characters on the table to add to the feel.

6. Movie-themed Gaming Room

If you want your computer setup to embody the vibe of your favorite film, mount some movie posters or other memorabilia on the wall. You can also decorate your table with some of your favorite collectibles from the movie.

7. Sleek and Minimalist Game Room

black-and-white minimalist theme
Black-and-white minimalist theme

For people who want a minimalist gaming room, white and black walls can do the trick. Go for sleek and stylish furniture to minimize the clutter. If you’re going to add other colors, choose a single color palette and stick to it.

8. Cozy Gaming Room

If you just want to have a special room in your house where you can feel at peace, then why not set up a cozy game room? Select comfy furniture where you can lay down and relax while playing your favorite games.

A natural light source can also make the room homier. It brings about a light and airy atmosphere, which some players prefer.

9. Retro Game Room

Indulge your old-school inclinations with retro decor such as posters, wall art, and even a foosball machine. Neon light fixtures and signs can also blend into the vintage look you’re going for.

10. Futuristic Video Game Room Setup

Huge screens, bright lights, and unique devices and accessories are must-haves for this setup. When designing a room like this, you can also try to envision the future. Take inspiration from your imagination! 

In Conclusion

Each and every one of us has our own little quirks and oddities. Be as simple and minimalist as you like, or be extravagant and go all-out when it comes to building your gaming setup. There’s nothing to stop you from incorporating who you are and what you want into your computer video game room.