Are you planning to buy a gaming keyboard? Find out what to look for, and get to know the most expensive keyboards in the market.

Technology is so advanced in this modern world, and computers are undeniably a part of our everyday lives. Computers are needed for school, work, gaming, etc.

People often focus on the processor, motherboard, or graphics card when building PCs or choosing their specs. Other hardware like the mouse and keyboard are often overlooked. It’s important to remember that every component of a computer is fundamental.

A good keyboard is essential for every computer. If you have the right keyboard, you can work more efficiently. When choosing the right keyboard, don’t just consider functionality and usability. You can also opt for one that suits your style.

Keyboards can provide you a better gaming experience. They can even be your saving grace when you’re about to lose a game. Maybe you’re wondering if you should get yourself a gaming keyboard. Let’s discuss its features in the next section.

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Keyboard

When you’re playing a video game, a regular or a standard keyboard might not give you the best gaming experience. Gaming gear is specially designed to improve your gaming experience on your computer. This is one of the reasons to get yourself gaming peripheral devices like mouses or keyboards.

We’ve listed down some things to help you decide whether to buy a gaming keyboard or not. Here they are:


Of course, comfort is always a primary concern in anything. It should be one of the top priorities when gaming. Gaming devices nowadays, like keyboards, are designed and developed to give their users the best and most convenient gaming experience.

When playing a game, people can stay for several hours in front of their computers. Body aches, including back pains and wrist pains, are the most common complaints after a long duration of sitting and gaming.

A gaming keyboard is designed not to strain the gamer’s hand. It typically features well-spaced mechanical keys that can handle swift strokes and are easier to use for longer periods than regular keyboards.

To add to that, the shape of the gaming keyboard is specially developed to fit your hands perfectly so that pains in your hands and wrists can be avoided.

Mechanical Keys

Mechanical keyboards have keys that are easier to press than the standard ones. They permit faster typing and response. You won’t have to put in much effort or use force when pushing a key when you’re typing and playing.

You can move your character smoothly and quickly. Every second matters when you’re playing a video game, so getting yourself a mechanical keyboard can surely help you when things get rough and rocky.

Mechanical keyboards also deliver flawless responses and better sensitivity which can surely help you when you’re playing.

Customized Keys and Pads

When you customize your own keyboard, you can place keys in any location you want. This allows you to have easier control over your gameplay. For instance, you can put a custom pad on the left-hand side that can mimic WASD keys.

A customized keyboard also allows you to design or style your keys however you want. Who wouldn’t want to be in charge of beautifying their own keyboard, right?

Illumination or Backlight

When it comes to the backlight, users can opt for one color for their keyboard or having three. Having a full RGB on your keyboard is not purely for aesthetics purposes.

A backlit keyboard allows the user to have a better view of the keys. You can also customize the color of the keys based on their functions. For example, the keys that are used for movements can be color blue, while the keys for other actions can be red or green.

A person using desktop computer

Be aware that an RGB keyboard is more pricey, so really think about whether you need it and if it suits your setup.


When playing a game, devices such as mouses and keyboards suffer from rigorous and repetitive pressing. A problem you might face when you’re using a regular keyboard is it can easily be damaged.

Gaming keyboards are designed to handle long hours of play. It’s essential, as a gamer, to have such a device, as it can be a good investment by lasting a long time.


Macros are a sequence of commands that your computer will execute, so they are more or less like a shortcut. They can be mouse actions or keyboard-related. Having macros will definitely boost your productivity and accuracy.

Bear in mind that not all keyboards support macro keys. To put it simply, having macro keys means that you can press just one key instead of multiple ones. Hardware macros or macro keys on keyboards are best for gamers.

Top 10 Most Expensive Keyboards

Now that we’re done discussing the reasons why you should get a gaming keyboard, let’s move on to the exciting part – the most expensive keyboards in the world.

1. Kirameki Puregold Keyboard

This keyboard is made by Wazakura Studios in Japan. It is coated with 100% gold leaf. It shows the excellent craftsmanship and long-standing tradition of the Japanese people that dates back to 800 AD.

It has 86 keys and has a USB port, too. It can only be found in Japan and comes with a price tag of $315 – $360.

2. Comfort Keyboard

A Comfort Keyboard is designed to be conveniently used by gamers. It’s very innovative as it can be separated into three parts and can be adjusted according to your liking. A left-handed person can separate the left part to use it easily.

The Comfort Keyboard retails for about $350 – $360. It also offers a “rest period indicator” that can remind users to take a much-needed and much-deserved break.

3. Professional II Datahand

This keyboard is straight out of a sci-fi fantasy world. It can easily be adjusted to fit a person’s hand size and shape. It offers four typing modes. It’s very unique as users will only need to move their fingers slightly in different directions to be able to type.

It’s an out-of-the-box idea that managed to capture many gamers’ attention. You can buy it for $675.

4. Executive Keyboard by Maltron

Maltron is a brand popular for ergonomic keyboards that aim to reduce stress on the hands, wrists, and fingers while typing. The newest model that was released in the market can be bought for $920 and is made of pure stainless steel, Perspex, and polycarbonate keys.

It’s best suited for people who use computers every day for work or gaming as it can decrease strain.

5. Datamancer Custom Keyboard

Datamancer makes custom keyboards according to the features, specs, and requirements specified by its customers. The prices vary between $1200 and $1500. Aside from the keyboards being visually appealing, they’re comfortable to use, too.

You can have everything you want in this keyboard – lights, chrome keys, brass frame, and more – if you’re willing to pay for it.

6. Fingerworks Keyboard Touchstream

This keyboard only retailed for $320 per piece before, but since it has been sold out, the value skyrocketed along with the demand. It has a stylish design and is comfortable to use. Presently, it has a price point of $1500.

7. 2000-IS-DT

This keyboard is regarded as one of the most durable keyboards in the market. It is specially made to withstand harsh environments. It’s made of non-corrosive, pure stainless steel that adds to its protection.

In addition, 2000-IS-DT has a temperature range of -40 degrees F to +194 degrees F (-40 degrees C to +90 degrees C). You can purchase this keyboard for $2200.

8. Optimus Maximus

Originally known as the Optimus keyboard, Optimum Maximus was created by Art Lebedev Studio and is completely customizable. The keyboard is simple and backlit with OLED lights.

On the left section of the keyboard, users can customize and change the keys or icons. It has keys for social media apps like Facebook and Twitter, which makes these apps very accessible.

Moreover, Optimum Maximus has its very own 32 MB SD card to store custom layouts. It retails for $2400.

9. Optimum Popularis

This is another keyboard designed by Art Lebedev Studio. It’s a very cute and compact keyboard with every key having an image and assigned function. It’s developed for any language or symbol.

This product provides high performance, especially for users in the creative field. It comes with a price tag of $2554.

10. Happy Hacking Keyboard HP Japan

This keyboard is developed by PFU Ltd in Ishikawa, Japan. It’s a made-to-order keyboard covered with Urushi Lacquer. It’s coated using a special brush and also combined with gold dust.

It has an eye-catching bright red color and has an estimated price of $4400.