Minecraft is getting more and more popular among people of all ages by the day. It’s a 3D immersive game where you can create and build using blocks. It’s also known as a “Sandbox Game” which gives complete creative freedom to its users.

It has two modes – survival and creative. It continues to be the highest-selling game of all time and the most influential, too.

In this article, we will learn how to make a smoker in Minecraft, as the title suggests. But first, let’s find out what it is.

What Is A Smoker

A smoker, in Minecraft, is a craftable block that allows you to cook food twice as fast as when you use an ordinary furnace. Turn raw fish, meats, and other cookable items into food in no time.

It can also be utilized as a job block to turn villagers into butchers.

It’s a must-have item in your inventory. Plus, it’s really cheap to make early in the game.

How To Make A Smoker

Making a smoker in Minecraft is easy for anyone. Before building your own, make sure you have the following:

  • A furnace with four wood planks
  • A crafting table that requires eight cobblestones
  • Four logs or blocks of wood, whatever type you prefer – acacia logs, jungle logs, birch wood, dark oak logs, birch wood with bark, etc.

Once you secure all the necessary items, it’s time to craft your smoker.

Start by making your own crafting table and furnace, if you haven’t yet. Again, at least four woods are required for these.

Open the crafting table interface. You will see a 3×3 crafting grid. Place the furnace In the middle and surround it with four logs or woods – top, bottom, left, and right. Make sure you follow the positioning of the furnace and logs, as this is the exact recipe.

An additional tip: you can mix and match different kinds of woods and logs. They don’t have to be just one type. Keep in mind that planks will not work for crafting a smoker.

When you have filled the crafting grid with the right pattern, your smoker will appear.

Move your smoker in your inventory. Voila! You can use it whenever you want. Congratulations!

How To Find A Smoker

A smoker is relatively easy to build, but you can also find them placed randomly in Minecraft villages. If you happen to pass by a butcher’s village, then you can take their smoker for your own use.

1. Locate a village and look through it to see if you can find a smoker.

2. If you see one, use your pickaxe to mine the butcher’s smoker.

3. Pick it up.

You can take it with you or place it inside the safety of your home base, whichever you prefer.

How To Use A Smoker

When you’re using a PC or a Mac, right-clicking the smoker will bring the smoker GUI to your screen. For Pocket Edition, a tap on the block will bring the same result. For Xbox One, press LT button on the controller, and for Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button.

When the GUI is open, put the raw food item or the block in the box on the top left. Once you add fuel, the item you chose will then be cooked.

The fuel should be placed at the bottom box on the left, below your food item/block. Any form of fuel will do – a bucket of lava, charcoal, or wood.

Now, sit back, and wait for your food to be cooked. You will see a fire in the middle of the raw food/block and the fuel. Moreover, you can monitor the progress of cooking by watching the arrow in the middle.

Once the block is completely smelt, your food is cooked, and you can use it in whatever way you intend to.

Various Uses Of A Smoker


As mentioned earlier in this article, a smoker can cook items like meat and fish more efficiently than plain furnaces do. It is the counterpart of the blast furnace, which is used to smelt metals, armors, and ores.

When fuel and food items are placed in a smoker, the state of the block changes to lit, meaning the items are beginning to be cooked.

After cooking, you can collect the products using a hopper, which is a block that can collect items or transfer them in and out of containers. You can also simply press ‘use’ to gather products.

Changing Jobs

If a village has an unclaimed smoker, any villager who hasn’t chosen a job site block can change their profession to butcher.

Note Blocks

Smokers can be placed under note blocks to make a bass note, just like other stone blocks.

Light Source

A smoker can also be utilized as a light source because it has a luminance level of up to 13, the same as other ordinary furnaces.

Must-knows About A Smoker

Below are some additional details that will help you utilize a smoker more effectively:

  • Smokers can be found in the decorative blocks panel in the creative menu.
  • They are stackable, much like furnaces.
  • Smokers must be mined with pickaxe only, or nothing will be dropped.
  • Popped chorus fruit is not edible, hence a smoker will not be useful for it.
  • Because smokers cook faster, they also use twice the amount of fuel.
  • Smokers, same as furnaces and blast furnaces, cannot be pushed by pistons.


A smoker is an invaluable item to have in Minecraft. It can significantly speed up the process of cooking or smelting your desired item.

With the steps outlined in our article, it should be easy to create your own smoker. Before making it, be sure you have a crafting table, a furnace, and at least 4 blocks of wood or logs – it doesn’t matter what kind.

Aside from cooking and smelting, you can also use a smoker if you want to be a butcher. It can create a bass sound should you need one, and it can also be utilized as a light source.

Now, go and have yourself some fun!